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Wall Street Academy is home of the most effective educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex Market, also known as the currency market.


What is Forex?

Meet The CEO

Hi, my name is Quillan Roberto Black. I was born in Mandeville, Jamaica. I’m a 26 years old Entrepreneur who has always believed that working a 9-5 job isn’t the right way to live life to the fullest. After watching so many people follow the traditional path of earning income, I realized that they were missing out on what life really has to offer.

My first job was at the age of 20, which was shortly after receiving my work permit to work here in the US. I stayed at that job for 3 years only making $8.30 per hour, and began using my paychecks to invest in a brokerage account with “Trade King” in 2011.
I first encountered the Forex market back in 2013 while trading stock options, but never really understood the full potential of trading Forex. While studying and trading options, I eventually gained enough knowledge, and was able to make $800 within my first week trading ZNGA.
After that, I knew there was much more to making money in my lifetime than working a 9-5. I always kept my Entrepreneur mindset, and that’s the main thing that separated me from the rest of my co-workers. The main benefit I received from working at Target was that it gave me the reality check that I needed.

I put my focus into learning to trade the Forex markets in January 2015. It definitely wasn’t something that I learned overnight, but it was something I caught onto very quickly due to my prior knowledge from trading stock options.
After trading, and making consistent profits for several months, I started to meet others in my network with the same interest. I began to gain knowledge from them, and was soon able to take that same knowledge I gained, and add my own twist to how I personally analyze the market. After meeting other individuals that had the same passion for the markets, and were seeing consistent profits, the movement started.
The movement we started is called “Forever In Profit”, or (FIP) which launched in April 2015. “Forever In Profit” is an educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex market.

FIP started with good trader friend Ryan Gilpin. We combined our skills and various trading methods to create the epic trading group that has changed lives all over the world. Our members have been able to better their financial situation without having to recruit anyone or just only depending on a job for an income stream.

January 2016, I started a personal mentorship program called Wall Street Academy. Wall Street Academy was designed for students that strictly want to learn my trading style. By allowing students to focus on one particular trading style, they were able to fast track their understanding of the markets.

Fast forwarding to January 2017, Forever InProfit now has 2,300+ students all around the world, along with Wall Street Academy’s770+ students involved in my personal mentorship program. Students that are a part of Wall Street Academy are also members of the main group; Forever In Profit. We’ve seen consistent growth from our students even if they had no prior knowledge of Forex before joining Forever In Profit.

“Life ISN’T infinite, so why are you acting as if you
have all this time to actually experience it?”Quillan Black
The movement we started is called Forever In Profit which we launched in April 2015. Forever In Profit is a educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex market. Forever In Profit started with a few good trader friends; Ryan Gilpin, and Rico Villarreal and when we combined our skills and trading methods we create the epic trading group that has changed lives all over the world to better their financial situation without having to recruit anyone or having to only depend on a job for an income stream.

January 2016 I started a personal mentorship called Wall Street Academy which is for students that strictly want my trading style as their focus. It helps to keep students focused so they aren’t learning multiple trading styles at one time which will slow down their understanding of the markets.

Fast forwarding to January 2017, Forever In Profit now has 2,300+ students all over the world, along with Wall Street Academy having 770+ of my personal mentorship students. Students that are apart of Wall Street Academy is also a part of the main group which is Forever In Profit. We’ve seen consistent growth from our students even if they had no prior knowledge before learning with Forever In Profit.

Like I always say, Trade with us and be Forever In Profit.

The Target Story

I used to work at Target around Late 2014 – Mid 2015 to just show you how much of a regular person I am. I was making $9/hr with a $0.50 raise after working there for 3 months. January 2015 I began learning to trade in the Forex market and was able to make decent profits as a beginner.

But as I studied for several months, Inoticed I was having good profitable days and a few bad days. One thing I did knowduring this process was that I was learning and making tons of progress. I had my first 1K day around March 2015, and since then life has just gotten better day by day, as I’m gaining more clarity in trading the markets.

My major breakthrough and consistency came about 6-7 months later and gave me the confidence I needed to put in my two weeks, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right time yet. This was a time in my life, which required the biggest leap of FAITH that I’ve ever experienced, but having an Entrepreneur mindset, I WAS ALL ABOUT THE RISK BABY!

After trading and making consistent profits for four months, I began to meet others in my network to gain knowledge from them and from there I can add my own twist to how I analyze and trade the market. After meeting others that had the same passion for the markets and were also seeing consistent profits many wanted to learn from us. This was the start of movement Forever In Profit.

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What Do You Get?

Everything you need

What you’re getting when you enroll onto WallStreet Academy is a full mentorship provided from Quillan Black (Cue), and full access to my main group Forever In Profit. Wall Street Academy focuses on one trading style material only from Quillan Black, when there’s Forever In Profit which has 3 trading styles. Forever In Profit is the combination of Quillan Black, Ryan Gilpin, and Rico Villarreal.

There are 1000s of ways to make money in the markets, so when it comes to trading, Forever In Profit gives you three different perspectives on how to become a profitable trader based off different trading styles.

Wall Street Academy contains a full online educational platform that gives you step by step phases that educates you on how to trade. There is no prior knowledge needed to enroll. Wall Street Academy  goes over Psychology training, steps to set up the platform onto your device, technical analysis training phases, past recorded webinars, and downloadable files.

You’ll also have access to the Wall Street Academy Facebook and Forever In Profit group pages, periodic webinars, telegram chats, and any future implement of the groups.


Featured Testimonials

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Shane FisherShane Fisher
I was one of WSA very first students. I am proud to say after 11 months I am a full time profitable trader. If it wasnt for Cue, none of this would be possible. Get ready for your life to change for the better.
  Rico S. Rico S.
My name is Rico and I have been involved with Forex trading since June 2015. I have been in many different Forex training companies and trading groups. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on indicators and signals that honestly just didn't work or teach me anything other than how to lose money and confidence. So after seeing that none of what I was doing was working I decided to fully commit myself to WSA as I had seen he success from many traders involved with this company and was blessed enough to be under the tutelage of Quillan and ...
Eli BellevueEli Bellevue
Honestly at first I was really lost in the "Forex Industry" for months I kept switching strategies back to back. Desperate to look for new strategies, new mentors and ruined my whole trading psychology which ended up in me losing 600+ dollars to the market. My biggest turn around is when I came across Quillan and I loved how consistent he was and decided to have him as my mentor. That's when I decided to join Wall Street Academy. Ever since I joined Wall Street Academy trading has become very simple and I have a better understanding of the markets. ...
Eric GauroniakEric Gauroniak
Wall Street Academy has literally changed my trading game. The amount of worth that is in the content provided is just unbelievable. This content can basically pay you for the rest of your life. My trading went from struggling to get 20 pips in the market to catching 80, 90, 100s of pips on a single move; catching the whole god damn move. Cue is one of the nicest people I’ve had to privilege to meet, he truly cares about his students and makes sure every one is on the same page with learning his content. I believe most of ...
Edgar TorresEdgar Torres
I started my whole forex journey based off of MLM companies that involved forex…. Yeah that doesn’t really go well. I can honestly say that WallStreet academy gave me a little frightening precision. I used to struggle for 10 pips a day…. which is honestly nothing. Nowadays after studying this course material and working in person with Quillan Black …. my lord I’m on a whole new level where 60-100 pips is normal for me. Anybody on the fence needs to realize that this training is very inexpensive for the content thats in it. Not only has my outlook ...
Antoine EllisAntoine Ellis
Joining Wall Street Academy is definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life! It's taken my trading to a whole new level and given me the ability to quit my dad job and trade full time. I blew two $200 accounts when I started trading, but then I joined and it completely changed me! It would take me working 70 hours in 2 weeks to make $600 and now I'm making double that in a day! Wall Street Academy is the greatest trading education there is and I recommend anyone who wants to become a successful trader ...
Tyler PayneTyler Payne
Wall Street Academy is by far the best trading mentorship out there. When it comes to technicals, mentorship, and personal development there is nobody better than Quillan. He is tremendous with his students, and goes out of his way for them. Most people go to Cali for vacation, but Quillan went to Cali to be closer to his students and to grow as a person. That’s what a leader does. I’ve been with Wall Street Academy since practically the very beginning and watching Quillan, along with his students, grow, not just as traders, but as human beings has been something ...
Mac CaroMac Caro
WSA is the first and only Forex based group that I have joined. The transparency from Quillan is astounding and the way that he teaches basic and advanced Forex trading skills is beyond what anyone else is offering! I look forward to attending his five day course which I have heard nothing but good things about and truly must work since graduates from it show their profits gained from the market. Thanks Quillan for creating this group it has truly changed my life!
Quantito CowanQuantito Cowan
Came into this trading industry going on almost two years now, and the beginning it was quite overwhelming at first. I had no idea how to read the charts, understand basic terminology or anything else of the sort. Came across Quilian Black and WSA and lets just say im not the same trader I started out as!. I find myself being able to spot patterns and market structure with ease now, which will ultimately make me a more profitable forex trader!.. Apply the knowledge given, develop the skillset and kill the markets!!.
Cody Pellatiro Cody Pellatiro
After spending time learning Forex, I was looking for mentorship and guidance and what I received was more than that. I got a community of individuals all working towards financial freedom and to become independant traders, FIP is the real deal. 100%

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  • Full Online Course Access
  • Lifetime mentorship membership
  • Support group
  • Mid training critique
  • One on one support webinars
  • Current and future trainings
  • 24 hour access to training course
  • Past recorded webinars
  • All programs we offer
  • Access to both Wall Street Academy & Forever In Profit Facebook groups
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