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Simple pricing plans for trading mentorship


Main Online Course

Struggling with understanding the markets? This course covers introductory topics through advanced strategies which will make you more consistent and profitable. Gain access to 10 course chapters, over 100 webinars, converse with other traders who have gone through the program, and get trading questions answered by Quillan Black.
Lifetime Mentorship
Facebook Support Group
Past and Future Webinars
Access To All Recorded Content
24 Hour Access To Online Training



The Last 5DC | NFT Edition

We took all the content from our popular “5 Day In Person Course” and packaged it into a 5 hour long training. We are covering topics such as trade breakdown, precise entries, and many detailed examples to get your trading more consistent. This mentorship is available as an NFT. Purchase and ownership of the NFT grants access to otherwise locked content.
First ever NFT based around the trading niche
"My Come Up" Video (1.2 Hours Long)
A full recorded version of my full 5 Day Course Curriculum
Access to a Owner only Telegram to connect with me as well.

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