He is CueBanks: The Jamaican Entrepreneur and Trader influencing thousands to change their lives.


Quillan Roberto Black is a 30-year-old Entrepreneur originally from Mandeville, Jamaica. From a young age, Quillian was confident that working a 9-5 job was not going to be his way of living and was not a sustainable or healthy way of growing in life. 

After watching many of his friends and family follow the traditional path of earning income, Quillan realized they were missing what life had to offer and determined to live a different lifestyle. At the age of 20, Quillian started his first job in which he stayed for three years earning $8.30 per hour. He began investing his paychecks in brokerage accounts and started very soon exploring the world of trading, especially he encountered the Forex Market back in 2013. He later put his focus into learning to trade in the Forex market. After trading and making consistent profits for several months, Quillan met others in his network with the same interests. He began to gain knowledge from them and was soon able to achieve and add his twist to personally analyzing the market.

Today, Quillian shares his knowledge with everyone interested in it through his own company called “Forever In Profit,” Youtube videos, and many other channels that help people every day to accomplish financial independence. 

We spoke with Quillian, who shared more details about his life and how he is influencing the lives of others.

What did you dream of yourself when you were a kid?

So when it comes to being a kid and dreaming, it’s always good to dream big regardless of if you know how to get there or not. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a kid, but I knew that I had a passion for cars. When it came down to vehicles and modifying them and just overall having fun with them on the streets and going to car shows, that was my calling, but I had to find a way on how I was able to fund this passion. As a kid, I was …read more

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