An Exchange with CueBanks: Jamaican Entrepreneur and Trader Leveraging the Market in his Favor


Quillan Roberto Black, also known by his social media moniker ‘CueBanks’, is a 30-year-old entrepreneur and established Forex trader. He was born and raised in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica, but later on, moved to the United States. It was there that he made his transition from a regular 9-5 job as a Target employee to an extremely profitable high-level trader and investor.

Early on in working a minimum wage retail job, Black realized that working a 9-5 was not the way he wanted to live his life. With his Target experience entailing an unwelcome ‘reality check’ in the form of a 50 cent raise after three months of labor, he made up his mind to break away from the regular daily grind. Equipped with a determined entrepreneurial mindset, Black sought to establish a path less beaten for himself, far from the traditional ways of income that he previously observed.

Black’s golden opportunity was learning how to leverage the Forex market …read more

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